Business Dev.


“When you buy a Harley Davidson, you directly become part of a community of free spirits with big dreams. You don’t pay for the bike, but you pay for the experience it provides.

Similary, Camilo and Barbara put their hearts and souls into building a community of co-workers. The day I arrived, I was immediately welcomed into a group of passionate young people with fresh ideas living their life to the fullest and nailing it!

Being part of all of it was worth way beyond the money I paid. It felt like the room I got was just a little extra given for free compared to all the experience we lived here.

Oasis is definitely the Harley Davidson of Co-living.”


“I did not expect that it will be so good!

I remember our first day in Oasis. When Barbika took us to a welcome party at Playa del Duque, it was crazy. I would never say that I will stay here for more than 4 months.

We wanted to be here only a month!

I never met so many interesting and funny people in such a short time. So many friends, relationships, trips, laughs, copas with Ingo, works, hangovers, beaches explored and experiences gained.

I remember the most when there was a big party in Danny’s place and some Italian guys wanted to go out the party. They opened a door and there were the police already.

I had to stand behind the door for 20 minutes without breathing. There were a lot of crazy parties… yeah…

I could write and write about funny situations here.

My stay taught me a lot. It made me more open-minded and I’m sure it was a new and interesting period in my life.

Thank you a lot!!! And hope to see you soon.”



Front-end Dev.



Back-end Dev.


“Man, I’m so grateful to join the community you’ve built!

This place and people exceeded my wildest expectations. So many memories I have right now, it’s a good portofolio do make a movie about the Nomad’s paradise Island.

I remember when you’ve made an amazing party on Diego Hernandez Beach with a JBL you bought same day in Santa Cruz, it was wild!

A police came and started to flashlight down to our direction and almost half of the people left because they were scared XD.

After 4 month here I feel like Oasis is my home now. But this is not a place, it’s people. So I assume some day we will meet somewhere in the world and brought all memories from here as well as make a new ones!

Thank you COVID-19 without you that would not be possible!

Thanks a lot!”

“There’ no words to describe this paradise experience.

When I did this couchsurfing, I never thought to meet this amazing community. So absolutely crazy, funny and unforgettable moments with.

I love the Adams who are part of my family now. The positive vibes are overwhelming. So many awesome people who do crazy parties. I’m so grateful for every single moment in this community. So many laughs and stories.

Sounds weird but you will be always in my heart. Se les quiere hermanos!”


Online teacher

Best place


Digital Marketer

Hard to leave

“Thank you for Welcoming me so nicely to Oasis, for organising wildest parties, amazing trips and keeping Oasis a fun place to work and live. I have learned a lot from the community, like how to deal with business and search for new possibilities.

Thanks to the team for creating an environment which allowed me to meet so many inspiring people who I can call friends now. Thank you for making this place like home. It’s hard to leave…”

“Wesh Wesh Canne à Pêche,

We met some super nice people here, Tenerife is a magical island.

We’ve discovered beautiful places thanks to all these people.

A little thought to Haig, Ingo, Camilo, Barbara and our flatmates Francesco and Manuel.

Love you!”

Lorine & Aurélie

Erasmus students



Thank you!

“Thank you for all the crazy memories and for letting me be a part of this amazing family.

I’ll be back for suuuure!”

“My experience at Oasis was full of special moments that I will always keep in my mind!

A special thanks to Barbika and Camilo for their effort for making every community member feel at home.


Feel at home